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Yang Valyang: UltraSPARC clock speeds are still under 2 GHz

Yang Valyang: IBM engineers clock too greedily.

Yang Valyang: You know of what I speak. An on-die cache, wreathed in flame.

Yang Valyang: We must join with him, Gandalf. We must install Solaris. It would be wise, my friend.

eowyn197: This is madness!

Yang Valyang: I gave you the choice of VPNing willingly. But YOU have elected the way--of PAIN!

eowyn197: noooooooooo

Super User!

PeteyBoy3K: oh wait, I made you an adminnythingy
PeteyBoy3K: so, you can do whatever you want to your posts
Yang Valyang: Woot! Superuser!
Yang Valyang: *tears open shirt*
Yang Valyang: *awkward silence* *whole office gawks at Yang*
PeteyBoy3K: I can see you doing that

DEEPWATER Yang Initiative


"DEEPWATER Yang Initiative

RE: A capital improvement project with a view to better Yang assets.

Lt.Cmdr. Block on behalf of the Commandant:

Our Yangs were just wearing out, and we couldn't field Yangs that would keep up with Yangs from other services. Fortunately, with this new appropriation, DEEPWATER Yang is off the ground and doing splendidly. We expect the new YANG class medium endurance cutters to come on line within the month."